esieabot in the world

esieabot @ RIE 2023

esieabot was present this year at the 14th Robotics in Eduction conference in Cyprus. Alexandre Brière, Pierre Courbin, Gauthier Heiss and Elodie Queney presented a research paper entitled “esieabot: a low-cost, open-source, modular robot platform used in an engineering curriculum”.

Gauthier HEISS presenting esieabot history @ RIE 2023

They presented esieabot and its integration into ESIEA’s pedagogy. In particular, the advantages of the esieabot in terms of low-cost production and openness.

esieabot @ RIE 2023

The conference also provided an opportunity to introduce esieabot to researchers and teachers from all over the world, who were very interested. We hope to see it again very soon outside France, perhaps in Germany next year…

By Gauthier Heiss

Developer & Teacher @ Groupe ESIEA