esieabot-os is the operating system made for your esieabot. It’s based on Raspberry Pi OS which is itself based on Debian.

Download the latest version of esieabot-os
esieabot-os 10-2022 r1

based on Raspberry Pi OS 09-2022 based on Debian 11
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Need help to install esieabot-os ? Check the documentation.

Want to build your own esieabot-os image? Here it is.

What’s inside?


  • esieabot-os 10-2022 r1 – October, 13th 2022
    • Adding new esieabot-webcamera and esieabot-webcontroller app
  • esieabot-os 09-2022 r1 – September, 5th 2022
    • Adding new esieabot demo code using esieabot-api
  • esieabot-os 05-2022 r2 – May, 25th 2022
    • Adding back demo program on startup
  • esieabot-os 05-2022 r1 – May, 10th 2022
    • Fix fcgiwrap service permissions