Pedagogy at ESIEA

End-of-year project 2023

For the 3rd year running, the “end-of-year project”, which concludes our students’ first year, allowed them to put their newly-acquired computer science, electronics and physics skills into practice on their esieabot.

This year’s topic was simple: they had to design a team of autonomous firefighting robots to extinguish flames in a field. These flames, symbolized by a paper target with an ArUco marker, had to be “extinguished”, by throwing a ping pong ball at them.

Robots made during the “end-of-year project” week 2023

Thanks to the esieabot-ai-api library developed for the occasion, the students were able to create autonomous robots in C language, thanks to the computer science courses they had taken this year.

See you next year!

Pedagogy at ESIEA

End-of-year project 2022

Like every year, our first-year students close their semester with a full week dedicated to carrying out a project around the esieabot. The subject this year is simple: build from common and recyclable materials (cardboard, paper, paperclips, string, etc.) a motorized catapult on their esieabot, remotely controlled in order to compete in a final challenge at the end of the week.

Once the robots are ready, each team must fight and shoot as many ping pong balls as possible into the crates of the opposing team.
Congratulations to the winning teams!